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Five of the daftest gadgets ever!!!

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Five of the daftest gadgets ever!!!

Previously I reported on “I Want One of Those’s” box of nothing, a gift of its own uniqueness, for the person who doesn’t want anything for their birthday. IWOOT has an extensive range of “Kitsch and Daft” gadgets and while I want to be writing some more useful gadget articles, I have to comment on five of the daftest gadgets I have ever seen, before or after the box of nothing.

With thieves everywhere, it is becoming unsafe to carry More

Do You Remember?

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Do you remember when TV was good and wholesome and not filled with rubbish adverts about things like leg vein treatment? I’m talking about The Waltons and Little House On The Prairie. Those good, family, home-grown shows. TV which made you smile. TV which filled you with warm camp-fire memories and made you reminisce back to childhood times gone by–

But all that’s gone now that we have shows like the atrociously embarrassing Embarrassing Bodies. A show which More

The Change

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I don’t like swans. It’s not their freakishly long necks that bother me, it’s what their feet are up to underwater. I can’t handle not being able to see them. Not knowing which direction they are planning on going next scares me!

That used to be the way it was. Now I just feel sorry for them, and part of me loves them. After what I saw by the canal one day last year–

I had been running, donned in More

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