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Acting: Who Will The Next Great Actors Be

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Watching The Godfather the other day, I found myself in complete awe of Marlon Brando. Playing possibly one of the greatest characters ever, he conveys such passion and dedication to the role of chief gangster, that it’s hard to imagine anyone could ever rival his performance. Not only that, but his voice carries such gravity that it’s almost impossible to turn away from the screen when he stares someone in the eye and begins to speak. More

Ridiculous Petrol Prices

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Petrol prices are hurting many at the pump. Will there be any relief? Probably not; petrol is high and will continue to go higher. I have a BMW lease business, and I noticed that my business is going down as well because of this ridiculous increase in petrol prices. People prefer using more public transport over buying petrol for their cars. When ever I go to the petrol pump and I see lo and behold the prices have go up again, £1.20 per liter, wow! More

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