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Two Different Approaches

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My friend is a class-room assistant: that means he spends most of his time attempting to help the teacher with the un-ruly / difficult to teach children (and the rest of it cursing the children, but not usually to their faces…). In other words, it’s normally a bit of a nightmare. So not the kind of job that anyone can do.

Now, my friend, upon meeting up with him the other day, said about how he was looking for Teaching More

Buy A Kindle, Go On

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I have just bought a Kindle. Here is my brief review of all the various features. You should seriously consider buying a Kindle, and here’s why (and I don’t even get any commission from Amazon honest, so there!).

1) The fact it is so light: I am not big on the numbers, so I have no idea how light the Kindle actually is, but let me tell you it weighs NOTHING. OK, so that’s an outrageous lie. Even the air More

The Big Secret

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Until recently I was convinced that my grandparents still existed back in the pre-war, pre-computer days, but a recent visit to their spare room (after I was partially disgusted at the site of my gran’s teeth in the sink) unveiled a completely new side – dimension, even – to the elders I thought I knew and loved.

Yes, gran (I suspected it was her idea because she was always a bit secretive like that) knew more than she let on More

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