The importance of appearance

August 16th, 2011 posted by admin

King and Allen , if you didn’t know, make fine quality bespoke suits. And I do mean fine. I know this because I have a suit which was lovingly made from them. Costing in the region of £500 it’s not exactly the most expensive suit ever made, but I can tell you something for nothing: it more than does the job, making me look completely professional and like I know exactly what I am talking about.

Which is essential when going for a job interview, of course. Because let’s face it: we’d all rather that people only took notice of our stunning personalities.

But sadly that isn’t the way it is. In fact, from what I learned during my last job interview, I’d say that we’re becoming even more focussed on how people look, which is a shame.

he rubbed herself down as though she was covered in anthrax-carrying-ants

See, at my last job interview I turned up with what some might call a rat’s tail. The tail is actually a thin braided ponytail which runs just past my shoulder blades. And I don’t care how I look; I just like wearing this thing – it makes me feel original.

There I was, at the interview, and things were going fine – more than fine: her hand seemed to be hovering near a draw as if, at any moment soon, it would whip out the contract and have me hooked straight into a full-time job – until the nice lady commented on my suit and asked me to turn around.

“What is that?” she said.

“What’s what?”

“…That. The tail. That thing.” She was looking at it like it was some kind of a living, breathing, vomit-inducing thing.

I should have just walked out there and then but I didn’t. A small and perversely pleased part of me wanted to show her my rat’s tail and convince her of its worth. So I did.

She almost fell backwards off her chair and had a heart attack. She rubbed herself down as though she was covered in anthrax-carrying-ants.

Suffice to say the “we’ll call you,” never transpired into anything of any worth and I am still, at present, looking for that all-elusive full-time job which hasn’t happened yet. After 3 months of near constant looking.

Still, the way I look at it is like this: it’s her loss, basically. She could have had a dapper man in a suit turning up to assist her at work every day, but instead she won’t. Instead she’ll have someone who doesn’t have as good a suit as me and who, almost certainly, does not have a rat’s tail!

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