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August 1st, 2011 posted by admin

What’s this here article about? Well, it’s about finding the right tools for drawing and how to use them. Rather than actually going through all the numerous techniques ourselves, we have an instructional video up which should guide you through the basics. As well as this there are a number of handy tips on what the various tools of drawing — marker pens to fine-liners — are good for. Basically, after reading this you should have a much better understanding of it all, which can’t be bad, can it?

One of the main obstacles in the way of people who want to draw but say they can’t is tools. Do you use wide marker-pens or biros? And what about those fancy pens that draw ultra-thin lines? Surely they must be good, right? If they cost three times as much then there’s no way they can be anything but magical.

Well…here’s where it gets complicated. Because, as the best artists will know, you don’t necessarily need tons of expensive pens from a top art shop to create a wonderful, powerful piece of art. In fact, many artists manage to create mesmerizing pieces by just using cheap pens. It’s a good way to create art because it doesn’t break the bank, and nobody can tell the materials were so cheap.

Like anything, you need the right kind of advice. If you want financial advice then you go to a bank manager. And if you want advice on materials to draw with then you just came to the right place!

1) Fine-liners: these are expensive but there’s really nothing like them. They create smooth, clean lines and are easy to use. The lines are also much darker and sharper too.

2) Marker-pens: are great because you can use them to create wide flat marks – good for filling up large blocks of colour – and for drawing thin lines too. They are cheap and easy to use too, which makes things much more fun.

3) The humble biro: I personally love the biro. What’s not to adore with this beauty? They are seriously cheap, can be found anywhere, and we’ve all used them from a young age, which means we don’t need any special training.

Basically, the point is that whatever tools you use, it doesn’t have to break the bank. For instructional techniques see the video and learn how to do things that you once only dreamed of!

If you find that the techniques you have heard about aren’t in the video, don’t panic. Youtube is rife with all kinds of videos on the subject, and we’d be highly surprised if you couldn’t find what you are looking for there. Alternatively, there are also plenty of books out which demonstrate techniques if you want to be away from the computer. That means both books which talk about it, and books which show every step of the way, making every step of creating your masterpiece simple and easy to do.

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