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Holy Grail Crisps

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To think that there are areas of the UK where you probably can’t purchase Kettles Chips (while I was at liverpool airport parking the other day I was reminded to write about these most fantastic of crisps, as the attendant in his little box had some, the rude so and so!). What a truly terrifying thought that is…You know Kettles, they’re the company responsible for making those incredible hand-made style thick, crunchy, gorgeous crisps (balsamic vinegar be my favourite don’t More

Fan Of Home & Away (Closer Each Day…)

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A few years ago, when I used to get extremely excited about argos discount codes and what was happening in Home & Away (I still get excited, but it’s not the same since Alf Stewart’s wife died…Ailsa was her name, I think, but don’t quote me on that spelling, I was always more into Neighbours actually), movies were so different than the movies of today, weren’t they? Back then, horror films hadn’t really made their way onto the big screen. More

what to buy for st valentines

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what to buy for st valentines

What to buy for it now St ValentinStiga lace panties and chocolates in heart-shaped red More

This Is The Truth

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Facebook moaners beware, this is about you.

It’s the same conversation, repeated all over the world in many different languages, and it goes:

“Are you on Facebook?”


“Oh, how come?”

“I don’t know…I’m just not. I don’t like it.”

Stop right there: it’s all the annoying things that come WITH Facebook that you don’t like. It’s the “poking” and the invitations to join the RUSSIAN TROLLS HAVE SCARY LOOKING FACES DO YOU AGREE? groups, when you don’t trust Russians after watching James Bond too much and you have never been a huge fan of trolls and troll related things in general. And it’s the whole being-sucked-in thing. But I defy anyone to actually come up with a valid reason for not using it at least once for something useful. Why do I press this? Because it’s the truth, of course. (And it is also useful when you want to share your photos of skiing in italy with lots of people in a very easy and time-effective way).

But I confess, here and now: I also used to be someone who “hated” Facebook, and, while I will agree that I don’t love it now, it definitely comes in handy a lot. For example, it reminds you about friends'birthdays, very nice. Very nice indeed. And it allows you to find out someone’s email address, so that you can email them instead, and avoid all the Facebook things that are so frustrating when all you want to do is surf the web with the minimum of hassle. So really, what’s not to like? Ok, you’ll never be converted, but don’t join the cool-gang who say Facebook is rubbish. Anything which reminds you about a close friends birthday so that you don’t forget it and upset them is a fine thing in my book…

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